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Child Benefits

Child Benefits is a tax-free advantage paid to the majority of families with children that reside in the UK. You can obtain child allowance if he/she is under 16 years old or in some cases if the child follows a college in the UK and is up to 20 years old.

The good part is that not only biological parents can obtain “Child benefit”, so if you have a child in care you can also benefit from it.

“Child benefit” is obtained for every child you are responsible for, the only difference being that from the second child the amount of money you will receive decreases. You and your child must reside in Great Britain to apply for the allowance.

We would like to highlight the two most important conditions required to apply for “Child benefits”:

  • The right to live in the UK;
  • Your main residence (the place you spend most time in) must be in the UK.

For further information regarding eligibility, other rules to apply for “Child benefits” and the steps of the process, our team is available to help you at any time.

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