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Wording/Translation of CV


In most cases a well written CV can make a difference in the work field between candidates. Consequently, when we write a CV it is very important to pay attention to every little detail and, most importantly, to customize it according to the client’s profile. A CV represents the business card for each and every person.

Having in mind the competition on the UK workforce market, a good CV has to stand out and make a positive impression to the employer even from the first seconds, considering the fact that for the same position there are hundreds of other applicants.

What do you gain by choosing us for preparing your CV?

  • Time: you will receive it in maximum 24 hours;
  • Safety: when writing a CV we are taking into consideration the UK standards and therefore you can be sure that it will correspond to the field you want to apply for a job in;
  • Quality: we offer a highly accurate translation with adaption to British language and vocabulary rules to avoid any dissonance, we structure and highlight all the relevant information and take care of the text aspect;
  • Chances: we will make sure that all the details from your CV are conformed to the needs of the employer;
  • Assistance: you are free to ask any additional questions regarding interviews and other following procedures.

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