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15.06.04 nino

The National Insurance Number (NINO) is the unique number allocated by the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is used to pay monthly or quarterly contributions to the tax system more 

15.06.04 utr

UTR – Unique Taxpayer Reference represents the unique number associated with a certain taxpayer. Once you start your activity in the UK it is imperative to start paying taxes and you can only do this if you are registered with a unique taxpayer number more 

An important step for every Romanian who emigrates in the UK is to open a bank account. Employers always require an account in which they will remit your money at the end of every week or month more 

We have received countless requests to offer judicial assistance in order not only to aid the closure of labor contracts, but also to provide information regarding various judicial acts that needed to be signed by our clients more 

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Our Values

EHC’s main goal is to provide professional services, with a strong focus on satisfying the client’s needs. We would like to develop relationships based on trust and loyalty between us and our partners. Our ambition is to be the top reference company for the Romanians who would like to pursue a career in the UK.

The integrity that guides our steps and daily interactions is the value that best represents the company and leads us to pay increased attention in business relations with both clients and partners.

Our success is built on the team’s ability to deliver quality services customized for each client. Moreover, we are constantly observing the needs and expectations of the clients, thus introducing new services all the time while also optimizing the existing ones.

Why Europe Human Capital?

Because we are a team that has been formed in time and at the beginning we were in the same situation as every Romanian who emigrates in the UK, starting from scratch. We are now aware of the activities one needs to do here to be successful and integrate as quickly as possible. We have had failures, made a lot of mistakes by being unknowing, but we have stood up and learnt from them, so now we are proud to say that we have a consistent experience. At that time there was no one to guide us through the labyrinth of British bureaucracy and we have lost precious time gathering data, translating our own papers, waiting in queues or getting wrong information.

Then we have decided that it is an excellent idea to share all the experience we have gained throughout the years with other people that are in the same situation as we were in years ago. This is how Europe Human Capital project was born .

The Europe Human Capital team is composed of 6 specialists on various areas that together work for maintaining a high quality of the provided services. Thus, we can confirm the fact that we have the proper personnel to form a whole.We are qualified in accountancy, human resources, financial budgets, British legislation, engineering and customer care.

Our total experience sums 54 years and we are putting it all at your service.

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