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Judicial Assistance

We have received countless requests to offer judicial assistance in order not only to aid the closure of labor contracts, but also to provide information regarding various judicial acts that needed to be signed by our clients. This is why we decided to add to our activities the judicial assistance service.

It is extremely important to be informed every time you have to sign something official and we, the EHC team, due to our experience in the field can offer you the needed reliance.

Keep in mind that signing a document creates multiple responsibilities. Those who sign a document will assume all the legal responsibilities that are born from the act, therefore we recommend you to be attentive with this aspect. Doesn’t matter if we are referring to bank contracts, the rental of a house, labor contracts, every contract has several clauses and we want to make sure you will understand thoroughly everything in order to avoid unwanted consequences. Moreover, every clause can be subjected to negotiations and our team has the needed valuation to assist you through the negotiation process and also translate the clauses for you.

Why apply to judicial assistance from EHC?

  • Contracts often contain various judicial terms that can be interpreted differently or have a hidden meaning and the risk is significant if you sign a contract not understanding every bit of it; this aspect would be solved if you apply to our team of professionals;
  • Some of the contracts are long or might contain clauses that are hard to decode and our legal experts will help you with this;
  • You will permanently have besides you the proper person to represent you when needed;
  • The price you will have to pay for this service is significantly lower than the financial consequences that might occur if you sign a contract being unaware of all its implications.


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