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UTR – Unique Taxpayer Reference represents the unique number associated with a certain taxpayer. Once you start your activity in the UK it is imperative to start paying taxes and you can only do this if you are registered with a unique taxpayer number. This is issued only by the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and it is mandatory if you started your activity as self-employed or if you want to rent properties. The UTR is necessary to every self-employed because at the end of the fiscal year you will have to fill in an annual declaration to provide information about your incomes. If the HMRC considers that after you have completed the registering for the Self Assessment, you need to file an annual fiscal declaration, then they will send the UTR to your home.

Services provided by the EHC team:

  • we will help you save precious time by managing all the formalities involving the obtaining of the number, as these formalities require prolonged talks with British representatives and you will have to be available whenever they call; we are permanently availabe at the office, so we will be able to easily do this for you;
  • we will make sure that the entire application process evolves without incident, which can lead to extension and additional costs;
  • you will not need to be physically present during the process, so you’ll be able to concentrate on other important activities;
  • the document is delivered directly at your house once it is issued.


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